Poc a Poc Suites

Socors 18, 07002- Palma de Mallorca

(+34) 99999999999

How to arrive

Poc a Poc Suites: Directions from the airport

After you depart the airport, take the airport bus A1, which you'll find just outside the arrivals terminal. Get off at the second stop, 450-Porta des Camp. The apartment is about four minutes walking from the bus stop. Continue on foot north along the main road, Avenguda d'Gabriel Alomar (in the same direction as the bus), until you can cross it, at Carrer de Josep Rover Motta. Cross the Avenguda and continue west along the street that was Carrer de Josep Rover Motta, now called Carrer d'Antoni Planas i Franch and showing as Placa de la Porta del Camp on Google Maps (it's all the same street). At the end of the street, turn right, and follow Carrer del Temple north and as it curves to the west (left). You will then reach Calle del Socorro and the square Placa des pes de la palla, where the apartment is located. Turn north (right) on Calle del Socorro and walk about 20 meters to reach the apartment, at Carrer del Socors 18.

The bus fare is 5 euros, and you can find the route HERE.

If you prefer to take a taxi, there is a taxi stand right outside the arrivals terminal. The fare to reach the apartment should be around 20 euros.